Die Tour fällt aus

Heute kommen wir leider mit schlechten Neuigkeiten um die Ecke. Die für November geplante Tour muss wegen der Corona-Situation leider ausfallen.Wir werden die dadurch frei werdende Zeit nutzen, weiter am Album zu arbeiten.Bleibt gesund und keep on rocking! 🤘🎸🍻

Lonely Heart

A song that was written a long time ago – 2008 to be exact.
The basic idea was to do something together.

We were just sitting in the plane on the way to the Bang Your Head festival when Tommy pulled the song out of his sleeve and surprised Didi of Thunder and Lightning with it.

He immediately liked it and wanted to take care of it.
After a few years we decided to re-record “Lonely Heart” and make a little video.
Hopefully we’ll once play this song together, live on stage.

2 Years Liquid Fire – EP

Wow – time flies. It’s been two years since we released our first CD 🍻

You can order the EP at Bandcamp or stream our songs on Spotify.


The EP was immediately chosen by the Australian metal fanzine Sentinel Daily for “Release of the Month“. You can find the review here.
For us this is a reason to celebrate 🍾🎉🎊, but by no means a reason to rest. We’re still working on our debut album. Here’s a small preview of what lies ahead for you:

Here’s a small glimpse of our workflow 😉 :

Hello World of Metal!

Finally, the time has come. The english version of our Website is online! Here you will find updates about the progress of our upcoming album as well as tour dates and additional information about the band. So stay tuned 😉